Franck Sorbier & De Roval Champagne


A few selected attendees had the privilege to take part in the degustation of the Champagne of the House of De Roval on the 9th of July in Paris during the Fashion Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 week.

This timeless moment has been captured by the presentation of Franck Sorbier « Poem » collection.

As the first steps crossed into the Wagram salon, a mythical location of the capital, the guest were struck by the intense feeling that something absolutely unique was about to happen. In the ambience of the breath taking decor of lavish carpets, mirrors, chandeliers and candles the attendees took their seats to be instantly transported into the brief moment of the bohemian universe resembling Paris « de la Belle Epoque ».

This magical moment could take place thanks to the creator’s so referenced and extremely cultivated vision of « couture » and other artists and their masterpieces. This time, it was the poets of the XIXth century who nurtured the designs.

Once the show ended the guests were invited to savour De Roval Champagne to fully relish the end of this sublime day.

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