Liquid gold

Wodden Box

De Roval Cuvée Spécial and its wodden box

Bottle label


The Stone setting on the De Roval "lys" flower requires a know how and expertise of the jewelry master of the House. Each "fleur de lys" is a unique jewelry piece set with five authentic diamonds.


Just as the beautifully wrought labels, the polishing of the "fleurs de lys" is an indispensable and crucial step in the process of its creation. This meticulous work is performed by our artisan polishers.

Polishing the front

The polishing of the front side of the "fleur de lys" is a tedious process which finally allows the House's emblem to enlighten in glistering golden waterfall.

Final stage

This stage completes the polishing process. The resulting transcendence of the brilliance of the diamonds and the gold makes each fleur de lys a unique work of art.


Unchanged since 1844, the highly original muselet proudly bears two "fleurs de lys" united around the cork.


These small partitions, carved by hand are only used for the aging of the wines from vintage De Roval Special Blends.


The magnificent cellars of the Breton domaine, carved into the chalk, provide ideal conditions in terms of temperature and hygrometry to ensure the harmonious maturing of the wines.