Anatoly Komm & De Roval Champagne


A few privileged guests were fortunate to attend an exceptional gastronomic dinner where De Roval champagne allied in a perfect ensemble with the refined and researched dishes of the oligarch of the molecular cuisine: Mr. Anatoly Komm.

For those who don’t know Anatoly Komm yet, he is probably the most well known and award-winning Chef from Russia, at the head of some of Moscow’s highly prized restaurants serving the most demanding and sophisticated clientele that appreciates fine dining. He is also the Chef and owner of the Russian Haute Cuisine restaurant “Varvary” that is ranked in the prestigious “The S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants” list.

He is also a permanent participant of numerous gastronomic world forums and conferences, such as Gastronomika in San Sebastian, Madrid Fusion in Madrid and Lo Mejor de la Gastronimia in Alicante in Spain, Gusto in Turin, Italy and World Gourmet Series in Singapore. Mr Komm is a renowned chef in the international arena with his cuisine represented in some of the world’s paramount restaurants and hotels.

The night was a unique gustatory experience where all the ingredients merged together into a perfect union where De Roval has not only fulfilled the expectations but also relished the tastes of the very exigent élite.

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