Imperial wedding in Hong Kong with De Roval Champagne


Imagine a deluxe wedding in a magical place created specially for the occasion, with Rolls-Royces and Mercedes Maybachs to take guests to the reception, and a list of famous guests including well-known businessmen David Tang, Bruce Rockowitz and Timothy Fok Tsun-ting, fashion designer Tomy Hilfinger, performers from the Cirque du Soleil and the stars Bob Synclar and Taio Cruz.
No, this isn’t a fairytale wedding; these festivities actually took place last November in Hong Kong to seal the union between Russian Evgeny Klyucharev and his Chinese fiancé Veronica Chou, the daughter of Silas Chou, a major figure in the garment industry.
And what would such a wedding be without the excellence of a typically French luxury: champagne?
For this unique occasion, the bride and groom and their families chose the De Roval brand to pay tribute to luxury in the French way. Its black bottles decorated with a fleur-de-lis and a gold embellished label set the scene for this plush reception. Two champagne fountains formed a perfect centrepiece for the décor, attracting the admiration of the guests.
The wedding, which was held over two days, saw hundreds of litres of champagne flow freely. On the first day, devoted to family friends, the festivities took place in Hong Kong’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. 300 guests attended the ceremony of the rings before continuing the celebration with a champagne aperitif followed by a dinner which culminated in a lavish party copiously supplied with the prestigious French drink.
The main celebration, which was held on the second day, saw a procession of 1,500 guests driven to the location of the celebration in luxury limousines. The reception was not held in a prestigious palace but in a magical place where everything had been built especially for the occasion! Pomp and splendour, prestige and luxury, it was all in evidence at this extraordinary wedding. A dream decor, caviar with crab and gold flakes, De Roval champagne flowing freely and a huge cake, nothing was too good for the two turtledoves.
Dinner was accompanied by a performance given by the Cirque du Soleil. After the meal, the cake was brought in by performers from the Cirque du Soleil disguised as Russian soldiers, each with a bottle of De Roval set with the five customary diamonds, a high point of the evening. To continue the celebration, a nightclub opened its doors and the guests danced the night away to the music of Bob Sinclar and Taoi Cruz! A thousand bottles of De Roval were consumed in under three hours!

A dominant feature of the evening in its own right, De Roval champagne brought even greater prestige to this sumptuous event. Appreciated by the ladies for the finesse of its bubbles and its delicate taste, it won unanimous approval from the men who loved it for its excellence.

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