An exceptional Champagne

Special Vintages

Champagnes De Roval give center stage to the precious Chardonnay that provides a balanced, full and powerful wine with complex flavours. For its Blancs de Blancs, De Roval assembles growths (Chardonnay) from the same year that come exclusively from the mosaic that is the land of the Breton domaine, the characteristics of which are accentuated by the cellar master. Its rosé, however, is the result of a subtle mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
Only exceptional grapes are used to create the Special Vintages of the Maison De Roval.
The magnificent cellars of the Breton domaine, carved into the chalk, provide ideal conditions in terms of temperature and hygrometry to ensure the harmonious maturing of the wines.
De Roval champagnes are made in accordance with the secular and secret rules and traditions of the artisan champagne method.

A characteristic style

A De Roval champagne is characterised by its rare elegance. Its bottle is a delicate piece of jewellery that gives off golden splinters of life everywhere. Its nectar shines in its pure gold livery, with fine strips of adamantine powder turning summersaults and generous, extra-fine bubbles providing proof of a long ageing process. Finally, the quintessence of its flavours burst and linger in the mouth. The magic of the champagne is expressed in all its splendour.

An exclusive range

De Roval champagnes are found in a range of Special Vintages of elegant maturity:

  • The Brut, a Blanc de Blancs created from Chardonnay grapes from a single year;
  • The Millésime 2003, an exceptional Blanc de Blancs;
  • The Rosé, a delicate mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

For the Special Vintages, the supreme quality of the grapes, patiently grown in the vineyards of the Breton domaine, alongside an ideal ageing process in the cool chalky cellars, means that a dry champagne can be created with a very small amount of liqueur being added as a top-up.

A unique bottle

Each bottle is a unique work of art, manufactured by craftsmen at the very peak of their art. The fleur de lys, the emblem of the Maison De Roval, tumbles in a golden waterfall, from the finely chiselled cap to the divinely worked label, including the medallion attached to the collar, adorned with five diamonds. The bottle is delicately covered in deep jet black, darkly gleaming and transcending the glistening of the diamonds and the gold.
The refined engraved and panelled gold label is surprising in terms of its sobriety – one name, one wine, one emblem – whilst enchanting by the elegance of the volutes that remind one of the arcs of fine champagne bubbles.
The cap is uniquely original and proudly bears two round fleurs de lys united around the cork.
The medallion is a jewel, drawing the eye to its sheen and gracious forms. Perfectly polished, its relief is set off by the light, and its graceful and round form help set off the five precious diamonds that symbolise the five associates of the Maison De Roval.
Subtle nuances are to be found in the apparel that adorns each Special Vintage: the Brut is characterised by yellow, the Millésime underlined in black and the Rosé adorned in pink gold.

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